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Abstracting with confidence: electronic

Abstracting and summarising skills are a staple of the effective information professional’s armoury – but assimilating and reproducing screen-based content introduces a whole range of new reading and writing issues that don’t apply to printed material.

Library and information management

Tim Buckley Owen

Abstracting with confidence: print

Information overload affects everyone, which means there is high demand for people who can extract the key facts and opinions from documents rapidly and reproduce them accurately.

Library and information management

Tim Buckley Owen

Achieving successful business change

This programme will draw on a full range of behavioural and procedural concepts and techniques in a participative and practical way, to equip participants with the necessary skills and tools for effective business change.

Management and personal development

Elisabeth Goodman

Are you finding what you want? Techniques for coping with floorwalking in libraries

This training programme is for library staff who work with service users away from reference desks and other fixed contact points and where self-service points may operate within the library environment.

Library and information management

Peter Firkin

Auditing a library and information service

Libraries have to continually examine their services to ensure they meet the needs of all stakeholders, be they users, suppliers, or budget-holders. This is part of fundamental strategic management and planning work required of a busy and thriving service as well as a service which is aiming to expand or improve.

Library and information management

Shaida Dorabjee

Bidding for funds

Fundraising is not about raising funds. So what is fundraising really about, and what skills do librarians need to become successful fundraisers?

Business skills

Kathy Roddy

Branding the library and information service

This programme will help library and information staff to rethink what the organisation's library means in a brand aware world and how to revitalise the service’s brand.

Marketing skills

Terry Kendrick

Bringing a business mind to non-profit services

Changes in library and information services’ purchasing practices and methods of service delivery means the time has come for library and information staff to act in an even more commercial manner. Defining professional knowledge and opinions in business terms is a new experience for many in the field.

Business skills

Liz Burgess

Building highly effective teams

The team development and team effectiveness techniques covered in this course will provide a tool kit to address functional and behavioural barriers to achieving highly effective teams.

Management and personal development

Elisabeth Goodman

Cataloguing: principles and practice

The catalogue is central to the functioning of most libraries, but how to catalogue is not always widely understood.  This half-day course is designed to familiarise participants with the basic principles of cataloguing and how to put those principles into practice when constructing a catalogue record.

Cataloguing and classification

Deborah Lee