Other Publications

The Health Libraries and Information Services Directory (HLISD) is published jointly by HLG and HEE Library & Knowledge Services Leads Group (LKSL), online at http://www.hlisd.org/.

Working in Health Information is a guide to the range of options of services in the field.  The second editon was published in 2010.

  • Health Library and Information Services Directory (HLISD)

    HLISD aims to be the most comprehensive database of its kind.

    Find it at http://www.hlisd.org/.

    Currently there are just under 800 entries and over 1,000 contacts.

    The information is updated by a network of editors who are responsible for checking the currency of their entries.

    To contact us email us at contactus.hlisd@gmail.com.

  • Working in Health Information

    Health information is required by a wide range of people in a variety of situations at any given time. The information provided may be about medical tests or treatments, clinical trials, conditions and diseases or how to access the information, but the list of possible topics is infinite.